What are the best outdoor American flags made of?

There are basically two types of American flags outdoor nylon and two-ply polyester flags. Both flags are an are beautifully constructed with embroidered stars, in addition to sewn stripes, and reinforced fly ends. Each flag is made with a heavy-duty header on the hoist end. Smaller flag sizes are equipped with heavy duty brass grommets. Large flags are constructed with plated steel rope thimbles.
Nylon American flags are lightweight yet durable. They have a lustrous appearance and will fly in the slightest of breezes. This material is better suited for wet situations as water beads off them. Nylon is the preferred material to fly off house connected poles due to the weight. Anything heavier may result in bracket being ripped from the wall or post it is attached to.
Polyester American flags are a heavier dense material. They are manufactured to have increase durability in strong wind conditions. This material is best in high wind situations as they are heavier and take more wind to lift.


The length of the flag should be approximately 1/4-1/3 the height of the pole according to industry standards.


There are many options to shop when purchasing an American Flag. The most important thing to look for in American flags is the fact that are proudly made in the USA. American made products offer embroidered stars and sewn stripes with four rows of stitching on the fly end to ensure longevity of the flag. Some stores may offer cheaper made versions of the flag made in China. This may be an advantage at first, but these flags typically have a shorter life span than flags supplied by American manufacturers. American Flag store has been supplying businesses, organizations and home owners with quality flags for many years. If you are looking for all these conditions and more, we would like the opportunity to provide your next American flag.

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