3 inch Gold Aluminum Flagpole Ball


Flagpole Ball has 1/2″ NC Threaded Rod and constructed from heavy gauge aluminum with a flush seam.
Flagpole ball screws into the truck with a threaded rod.

Discount per Quantity

3 - 55%
6 - 97%
10 - 1210%


Need to find out what size ball to purchase for your flagpole?

Rule of thumb suggest you use the same size ball diameter as the diameter of the bottom of your flag pole.

The Flagpole Ball is the most commonly used flagpole ornament. Sitting majestically above the flag and pole arrangement, it is considered the finishing touch for today’s aluminum flagpole. Balls are offered in Butt Diameters ranging from 3″ to 24″, with the recommended Ball diameter matching the butt diameter of the flagpole.

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