Flag Poles for Home Residential Use

Free-spin flag poles:
A residential aluminum pole engineered to include a built-in “free-spinning” top section that will prevent your 3×5′ nylon flag from tangling on the pole. The top section of the pole rotates on ball bearings so the flag will always be displayed appropriately. There is no need for any additional untangling accessories.
Tapered ground set aluminum flag poles for residential use: Complete Residential Flagpole Packages
Standard fittings include: a gold anodized, spun aluminum ball, a cast aluminum, single sheave stationary truck assembly, cast aluminum cleat, braided polypropylene halyard with snap hooks, flash collar and a PVC ground setting tube, in addition to a US Nylon flag with embroidered stars and sewn stripes is included in these residential flagpole packages.
Sectional Aluminum Flag Poles:
The lightweight yet strong pole offers an excellent value in a beautiful, non-tapered modular flagpole that makes the perfect choice for the home or small business.
Universal Outrigger Aluminum Flag poles:
The Universal Flag Pole is constructed of all new 2 inch O.D. extruded aluminum tubing with a natural anodized finish. The mounting bracket is cast in one piece, mechanically peened to bright finish. Bracket is at 45 degree angle.
The Universal Outrigger Flag Pole is ideal for flag or banner displays at supermarkets, shopping centers, store fronts, residential locations, even interior locations where you want attention getting identification.