Flagpole Retainer Ring Assemblies

Flagpole Retainer ring is generally used with internal halyard flagpoles by providing a means of keeping the bottom of the flag close to the pole and as an aid to raise and lower the flag.

Assembled with 1/8″ diameter AISI304 stainless steel aircraft cable with a tensile strength of 1,408 pounds, 1″ diameter nylon balls, stainless steel yokes and copper crimps. Sizes larger than 12″ use a combination of 1″ and 2″ diameter balls to aid in lowering the flag on sectional steel poles.

Flagpole Retainer ring may also be used with a stainless steel connecting link and flagsnap for large, multi-grommet flags on both internal and external halyard flagpoles to keep the flag next to the pole and reduce the strain on the upper and lower flag grommets. Larger sizes are available upon request.