Flagpole Eagle Finial Ornaments

Which way does the eagle face on a flagpole?

Eagle flag pole topper: There is no set rule on where the flagpole should face, however common answers are it should face the flagpoles natural front if in front of a building facing the same way as the building.

Made of recycled rust free aluminum, these flagpole eagles add a decorative flair when flying old glory. To look great for years to come even under the harshest outdoor climates, flagpole eagles are finished in weather resistant paint . ALL EAGLES ARE MOUNTED ON A 1/2″ ROD.

Cast Aluminum Flagpole Eagles provide style and size options for all flagpole heights. Standard options include Eagle Only and Eagle On Ball in both GoldTone and Natural Color finish options. Overall Wingspan is measured from wing-tip, across back, to opposite wing-tip and is approximate.

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Showing all 5 results