What are the parts of a flagpole?

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What is the ball on a flagpole called?

Flagpole Balls are the most commonly used flagpole ornament. They are also known as finials. Sitting majestically above the flag at the top of the pole, it is considered the finishing touch for any groundset flagpole. What size ball should I use on my flagpole? Flagpole Balls are generally the same size diameter of the bottom the flagpole. Balls are offered in a variety of finish and design options, allowing for a truly personal flagpole design. Balls are offered in diameters ranging from 3″ to 24″corresponding with the recommendation that the ball diameter match the butt diameter of the flagpole. Standard thread sizes are 1/2″-13NC

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Which way does the eagle face on a flagpole?

Flagpole Eagles: There is no set rule on where the flagpole should face, however common answers are it should face the flagpoles natural front if in front of a building facing the same way as the building. Made of recycled rust free aluminum, these flagpole eagles add a decorative flair when flying old glory. To look great for years to come even under the harshest outdoor climates, flagpole eagles are finished in weather resistant paint . ALL EAGLES ARE MOUNTED ON A 1/2″ ROD. Cast Aluminum Eagles provide style and size options for all flagpole heights. Standard options include Eagle Only and Eagle On Ball in both GoldTone and Natural Color finish options. Overall Wingspan is measured from wing-tip, across back, to opposite wing-tip and is approximate.

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What is a flagpole truck?

Flagpole Trucks are pulley systems secured to the top of flagpoles to aid in raising and lowering the flag. Stationary and Revolving Trucks are they two types of pulley systems produced to use in flagpole applications. Revolving trucks allow the truck to rotate to help prevent the flag from wrapping around the pole. Due to this fact revolving trucks are more commonly used for flagpoles installed in areas where wind is a consideration. To get the correct replacement truck assembly, the top O.D. of the pole must be measured to ensure correct sizing for proper spacing of the rope/cable from pole to prevent rubbing and thus leading to premature rope failure.

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What is the best type of rope to use for a flagpole?

Flagpole Rope is used for both external and internal flagpole halyard systems. Because of its elasticity, nylon can absorb shock that could damage other ropes, while also providing good resistance to abrasion and rot. We offer a complete line of Rope Halyards that are specially designed for the rigorous demands of outdoor flagpole systems. Combining superior elasticity, rot and UV resistance with the ability to more efficiently absorb shock loads, nylon Halyard provides superior strength and performance.
Wire Halyard greatly reduces the chance of halyard failure by adding the security of a multi-stranded cable inside a Polyester or Nylon shell making it the strongest of the External Rope Halyard family. How much rope do I need? Double the height of your flagpole to ensure proper length.

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What is a flag pole cleat?

Flagpole cleats are used on external halyard flagpoles as an anchoring or tying off location for the rope halyard. Internal rope systems use a cam cleat system that holds the flagpole rope in its teeth.

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How to prevent flag theft?

Cleat Cover Assemblies, Halyard Cover Assemblies, and Halyard Security Kits (combining the Cleat and Halyard Covers) provide tamper resistant security for External Halyard flagpoles. Available in both Cylinder Lock and Padlock designs containing a sanded Satin finish that is complimentary to the flagpole, all are constructed of heavy, cast aluminum with stainless steel hinges. Cleat and stainless steel attaching screws are included, as well as keys for the Cylinder Lock models

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What is a flagpole cable assembly?

Internal Flagpole Cable Assemblies are constructed of 1/8″ and/or 3/16″ stainless steel aircraft cable incorporating a stainless steel swivel to minimize the effect of unraveling due to the rotation of the truck assembly. The lower cable section has a copper cable stop attached to one end for installation into a stainless steel winch. The upper cable section is supplied with a stainless steel thimble, 2 copper crimps, and two ball cable stops, however, because this section must be threaded through the truck assembly, these parts are not attached to the cable before shipment and must be attached in the field.

replacement internal halyard rope assembly for flagpoles

Replacement halyard rope assembly for internal halyard flagpoles using a rope and internal cam cleat arrangement. The assemblies are made of 5/16″ nylon halyard with a stainless steel yoke attached with a machine set aluminum crimp and stainless steel connecting link.

stainless winch crank assembly for internal cable flagpoles, winch handle

How does a flagpole winch crank work?

Stainless Steel Flagpole Winch is constructed of stainless steel direct drive and available for use on flagpoles with a base diameter of 6′ or larger and can be used with either 1/8″ or 5/32″ stainless steel aircraft cable. Gearless winch utilizes cast bronze internal brakes which only release when rotational pressure is exerted by the winch handle. The winch is locked in any position simply by removing the handle. Mounting holes are on 3 1/2″ centers for use with 5/16″-18NC bolts.

Winches For Use With Wire Based Internal Halyard Systems

The Flagpole Winch provides a secure means of manually raising and lowering the flag in Internal Wire Cable Halyard flagpoles. Manufactured from stainless steel, this style of gearless winch was designed specifically for the flagpole industry. Efficient gear ratios provide a smooth, easy method for raising, lowering, and stopping the flag at any height. The brake mechanism utilizes large bronze brake shoes which automatically engage when the handle stops rotating and is removed.

flag arrangement for internal flagpoles, flag cable with snaps

What is a flag arrangement?

Flag arrangement for Internal flagpole systems are an excellent method for changing the quantity of flags or the size(s) of flag(s) without having to change the entire cable assembly. Constructed of 1/8″ stainless steel aircraft cable with a stainless steel thimble attached at each end with 2 copper crimps. These flag arrangements provide the method of attaching the flag or flags to the cable assembly. Flag arrangements are supplied with either 2 or 3 stainless steel quick links depending on the recommended flag size, flag snaps, shock spring where needed and safety cable where needed. Constructed of the highest quality components, Flag Arrangements are available in all standard flag sizes.

aluminum flash collars ornamental for flagpoles

What do flash collars do for a flagpole?

Flash collars are commonly used as an ornamental flagpole base covering. Our most common style flash collar, Spun Aluminum Collars are manufactured to exacting specifications from the highest quality materials. They provide the perfect finishing touch for both Ground Set and Shoe Base installations. Split, two-piece collars are available for replacing or adding a collar to existing flagpoles.

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What are flagpole counterweights?

Counter weights for flags aid in assisting in the lowering of the flag arrangement in addition to the cable assembly. Helps flags to stay taunt during windy conditions.

beaded retainer rings for flagpoles, internal halyard flag retainer ring assembly

What are beaded retainer rings for flag poles used for?

Retainer rings are generally used with internal halyard flagpoles by providing a means of keeping the bottom of the flag close to the pole and as an aid to raise and lower the flag. Assembled with 1/8″ diameter AISI304 stainless steel aircraft cable with a tensile strength of 1,408 pounds, 1″ diameter nylon balls, stainless steel yokes and copper crimps. Sizes larger than 12″ use a combination of 1″ and 2″ diameter balls to aid in lowering the flag on sectional steel poles. Retainer rings may also be used with a stainless steel connecting link and flag snap for large, multi-grommet flags on both internal and external halyard flagpoles to keep the flag next to the pole and reduce the strain on the upper and lower flag grommets.

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What are flag pole ground sleeves?

Flagpole Ground sleeves are manufactured using 16 ga. Galvanized, corrugated steel tubing with steel centering wedges, sized base plate and installation plate on a 3/4″ ground spike. Generally accepted industry standards call for 10% of the flagpole height to be encased in the ground sleeve assembly. This and the amount of concrete used to install the sleeve varies according to the size and the soil conditions at the installation site. Dry sand tamped between the inside of the sleeve and the flagpole, and selecting a sleeve at least 2″ larger than the outside diameter of the flagpole, adjustments can be made if the sleeve is not perfectly vertical. Corrugated Steel Ground Sleeves with Steel Lightning Spike are designed for use in Ground Set flagpole installations.

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How do you hang a flag with a grommet on a flag pole?

Flagsnaps are used in both Rope and Wire Halyard applications to attach the flag to the flagpole halyard. Nickle Plated Cast Zinc and Cast Brass are good options for the majority of applications, with Stainless Steel options providing superior strength and longevity. Heavy-duty snap hooks are preferable for larger flagpole options and in high wind zones. Nylon Snap Hooks are for residential applications only.