flagpoles for sale

Flagpoles for sale

We specialize in outdoor commercial grade aluminum flagpoles for sale that covers of a complete line of tapered aluminum flagpoles for both residential and commercial applications. We proudly offer a wide range of shaft height/base diameter/wall thickness combinations to address virtually any installation and wind requirement specification.

Three types of flagpoles for sale fall under the Aluminum (Commercial Grade) category.

#1 External halyard assembly :

External halyard flagpoles provide the traditional rope based halyard system for raising and lowering the flag. Standard fittings include a spun aluminum ball, cast aluminum single sheave revolving truck assembly, braided nylon halyard, brass flag snaps, cast aluminum cleat, spun aluminum collar and corrugated steel ground sleeve assembly.

#2 Internal rope halyard assembly:

Rope based internal halyard flagpoles are a great solution to the problem of vandalism. patented access door frame assembly is now comprised of a match set of outer AND inner castings that surround the pole opening using 8 tamperproof 5/16″-18NC stainless steel bolts installed to the recommended torque requirements giving an extremely strong design. The integral cam cleat platform provides additional structural integrity.

#3 Internal Cable Winch :

Stainless steel cable based, internal halyard flagpoles provide the best solution to the problem of vandalism. A smooth, flush door configuration resulting from the thick, high strength aluminum casting welded into the precision cut door opening supplies the strength needed when a significant opening is made in a flagpole shaft.

High quality aluminum material that has gone through various stress tests in order to ensure the quality of these products are top notch. Instructions for the installation process of the flag pole are included with each pole purchase.


You can find the best flagpoles for sale to meet all your needs with American Flag Store. Whether you are searching for just a single flagpole or many flagpoles, our reliable online store can accommodate all your requirements. You can rest assured that these flagpoles will suite your needs for many years because they are made with high quality materials.