flag pole topper

Flag Pole Topper

Flag pole topper is a valuable addition to a flagpole. Used in an ornamental capacity only it is a vital component in the completion of the flagpole.

Flag pole topper indoor:

For indoor flag sets there are a variety of flag pole topper options.

American flag sets adorned with eagles. Eagles used as adoration since 1782 as a symbol to represent freedom, independence, and democracy.

Spears represent power therefore used on state and military flag sets. Available in round, flat or spade shapes.

Christian flag sets mainly adorned with crosses. Zion or Isreal flag sets fitted with the Star of David.

Other popular ornaments are the battle axe, elks head, maple leaf, bears, cardinals, fleur de lis and Texas stars.

Parade balls used for safety reasons on carried flags.

Flag pole topper outdoor:

Limited options for outdoor flagpoles. There are two main choices eagles and balls.

Balls more commonly used as the cheaper options. Balls help with flag life as flags can get caught on eagles wings in wind storms.

Eagles used commonly as a statement maker. As the symbol of freedom an eagle looks majestic on the top of the outdoor flagpole.

Where to buy flag pole topper online?

There are many places to buy online. For quality indoor flagpole toppers click here. For quality outdoor flag pole toppers click here.


A flag pole topper while not a necessity is a important part in the look of the pole. Having a flag pole topper finishes out the appearance of the pole. Do your research and ask questions so that you get the best quality flagpole topper for your needs.