Flag Pole Rope

Flag Pole Rope

What is Flag Pole Rope?

Flag pole rope is the halyard that allows the flag to be raised and lowered on a flagpole.

What is the best type of rope to use for a flagpole?

Solid braid nylon is the flag pole rope we recommend. The tight braiding helps to prevent wear and tear. The polymers used to make the nylon repel rot and mildew. These factors help in allowing the rope to last longer. Wire core halyard is used in areas with extreme wind and contains aircraft cable in the middle of the braided rope.

What are my Flag Pole Rope choices?

#1 Size

Nylon halyard comes in three basic sizes, ¼” (#8), 5/16” (#10) and 3/8” (#12).

  • 1/4″  rope is typically  for truck assemblies used on smaller poles such as 15′ and below.
  • 516″ rope is typically  for truck assemblies used on mid-size poles between 20′ and 40′.
  • 3/8″ rope is typically  for truck assemblies used on larger poles 50′ and above.

#2 Color

The most commonly used color is white however there are color choices such as black, bronze and silver. Color choice for halyard is a personal choice. Poles come in a variety of colors so this leads people to coordinate rope with the pole for a sleeker look.

#3 Type

Halyard can be purchased in regular or wire core. Regular halyard is the most commonly used rope. This rope is perfect for most situations. However, wire core halyard is preferred when the weather is windy all the time. Wire core is also a better choice to prevent vandalism.

#4 Quantity

Flag Pole Rope can be purchased by the foot or in spools of 500 feet. Most people buy rope by the foot. This is more economical for the average person.  Large corporations and property managements with multiple flagpoles are better served by buying large quantities which come on spools.

How do I choose the right size Flag Pole Rope for my flagpole?

The length of halyard recommended is double the exposed height of your pole. Remember, more is always better than less. Smaller truck pulley assemblies such as those used on 10-15-foot poles use ¼”. Mid-Sized truck pulleys such as those used in 20-40-foot poles typically use 5/16”. Poles larger than 40 feet are usually equipped for 3/8”.


It is always a good habit to check your flag pole rope regularly for wear and tear. If you allow your flag pole rope to break before replacing it the process can be expensive. Most poles require use of  a lift to reach truck assembly for replacing of rope when broken. If you replace your rope before it breaks its as simple as attaching to current rope and pulling through pulley. Preventative maintenance is key when keeping your flag flying without any down time.