flag pole accessories

Flag pole accessories

What are the best Flag pole accessories?

Whether you are making your own flag pole or just need to replace existing Flag pole accessories, we have the Flag pole accessories to get your flag flying. The key factor in getting the correct parts is to choose external or internal. If you are replacing parts then the choice is easy. Most people who make their pole tend to choose external as it is easier and more economical. However, if you want extra security and a sleeker look internal is the way to go.

1. Flag accessories for external poles:

Finial – Decorative pieces affixed to the truck assembly by a threaded rod. The most common finial is a ball. However, some people opt for eagles for a little extra touch.

External pully assembly – This pulley truck assembly has a wheel on that extends over the pole. Thread rope through one side of the pully and down the other to created a loop in which rope can be pulled and allowing flag movement up and down.

Halyard – Halyard or flagpole rope is super important on the flag pole. The halyard is the means of holding and moving the flag about the pole.

Flag Snaps – Flag snaps are the piece of hardware that affixes the flag to the rope. Rope threaded through one end and the flag clipped with grommets.

Cleat -A small bar bolted about standing height on the flagpole. Flagpole rope wrapped around the cleat to make sure the flag stays close to the pole.

2. Flag accessories for internal poles:

The finial, halyard and snaps are the same for both external and internal. However the parts below differ.

Flagpole Truck – The internal flagpole truck has a pully wheel on the inside instead of extending over the pole. The rope inserted into a hole in the bottom of the pully and pulled through a small hole that extends over the pole.

Cleat – The internal pole uses a cam cleat. This cleat bolted on the inside of the pole and has teeth that clamp down to hold the rope in place.

Retainer ring – A retainer ring assembly attached to the bottom grommet of the flag with a connecting link allows freedom for the flag to move while holding in place on the flagpole.

Counterweight – The counter weight attached to the bottom of the rope in order to weigh the flag down so it doesn’t get caught up in the wind.

Do Flag accessories come in different colors?

Yes. Flagpole part are available not only in original silver but in several powdercoat colors such as white, bronze and black.

Where can I buy Flag pole accessories online?

There are many places to choose Flag pole accessories online. usflagcompany.com has the largest supply of parts and accessories for your flagpole needs. Whether you need replacement parts or a whole flagpole system we have what you need.