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6 Best Flag pole Toppers That You Should Know About

Show off your flagpole with an ornamental flag pole topper

Choosing the right flag pole topper can be frustrating if you don’t know what to look for. Although it is used in an ornamental capacity only, a flagpole topper is a valuable addition to a flagpole. Commonly known as a flag pole finial, flag pole toppers are the final touch to a complete flagpole. Each flag pole topper has a story to tell as it sits atop your flagpole. Here are the 6 flag pole toppers that you can buy online:

  • Best Flag pole Topper for Indoor American Flag set: Gold Eagles
  • Best Flag pole Topper for Indoor State Flag Set: Spear
  • Best Flag pole Topper for Military Flag Set: Flat and Army Spear
  • Best Flag pole Topper for Christian Flag Set: Christian Cross
  • Best Flag pole Topper for Parade Flag Set: Parade Ball
  • Best Flag pole Topper for Outdoor Flagpole: Ball and Eagles

What is the best flag pole topper for my needs? 

There are two main types of flagpoles: indoor and outdoor. A flag pole ornament can help tell a story with a flag, therefore different flag pole toppers are chosen for different flags. Due to the size of the indoor flag toppers a larger variety is available than with an outdoor flagpole. Indoor flags are used by many different entities which makes the choices plentiful

1. Gold  Eagle

indoor gold eagle flag pole topperIndoor American flag sets are typically adorned with an eagle flag pole topper. Eagles have been used as adornment since 1782 when it was selected by the Second Continental Congress as the US National symbol. A symbol to represent freedom, independence, and democracy.  Regarded as majestic creatures, eagles display an air of authority and are seen as a courageous free spirit! Standard materials used for flag pole eagle topper are metal, plastic and ABS Styrene. You can get both metal and plastic with a brass plated coating. 

2. Spear

indoor flag spear flag pole topperState indoor flag sets are ornamented with spears as they represent power! The round spear is most commonly used however, some entities want a little more upscale look and opt for a flat beveled spear tip. Round metal spears are available in several different point sizes.

3. Flat and Army Spear

indoor military flag pole toppersMilitary flags are best topped with the  Flag or Army spear. These flat spears resemble spades. Many military flags were brought into battle. A spear was placed atop the flagpole on which the flagbearer held as a means to defend themselves. Army spears are typically only available in metal.

4. Christian Cross

indoor christian cross flag pole topperChristian flag sets are mainly adorned with crosses. Crosses are the main symbol of the Christian faith. The most widely used cross is the Metal passion cross which consists of rectangle points. This is the standard representation of the Christ cross. For people who want to go with a little flourish a botonee cross is used. A botonee cross has a trefoil design at the end of each point. The Zion or Israel flag sets fitted with the Star of David which is the Jewish symbol imitating the cross of  Christian faith.

5. Parade Ball

indoor parade flag pole toppersParade balls used for safety reasons on carried flags. With their  smooth and simple design they are both elegant and useful. 

6. Balls and Eagles

outdoor gold eagle flag pole topperoutdoor gold ball flag pole topper

Excellent options for outdoor flagpoles. There are generally two main choices: eagles and balls. Balls more commonly used as the cheaper options. Balls help with flag life as flags can get caught on eagles wings in wind storms. Eagles are used commonly as a statement maker. As the symbol of freedom an eagle looks majestic on the top of the outdoor flagpole.

Original Popular Ornaments 

Other popular flag pole topper ornaments are the battle axe, elks head, maple leaf, bears, cardinals, fleur de lis and Texas stars. There are a variety of customer and club flags that deserve a different “story” than regular flags. Original flag pole toppers are the best way to make a statement.