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Flagpole Truck: How to choose the right one

Flagpole Truck

Flagpole Truck is a pulley system secures to the top of flagpoles to aid in raising and lowering the flag.

The two types of pulley systems produced to use in flagpole applications consist of stationary and revolving flagpole truck . All Trucks designed to accept Balls, Eagles and Finials..

To get the correct replacement truck assembly, measuring the top O.D. of the pole ensures correct sizing for proper spacing of the rope/cable from pole to prevent rubbing and thus leading to premature rope failure.

3 inch o.d. outside diameter

STATIONARY / FIXED: Fixed position and will not rotate. Installs over the top of the flagpole and attached with anchoring set screws. 

Stationary Fixed External

EXTERNAL REVOLVING: Incorporates a threaded spindle installed into a female fitting welded into the top of the flagpole. Revolving Flagpole trucks allow the truck to rotate to help prevent the flag from wrapping around the pole. Standard Spindle Threading is 1-1/4″ NPT. Recommended Halyard Diameter – 5/16″.

Revolving External Spindle

External Halyard Cap Style Single Revolving Flagpole Truck

Cast Aluminum Truck Body and Adapter
Single Nylon or Aluminum Pulley on Stainless Steel Axle.
Attach with three (3) Stainless Steel Set Screws.
Upper and Lower Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Assemblies.
1/2″-13NC Top Drilling (5/8″-11NC Available).
Recommended Halyard Diameter – 5/16″.

External Revolving Cap Style Flagpole Truck

INTERNAL REVOLVING: Sits at the top of the flagpole, provides a system that encloses either Rope Halyard (Cam Cleat Systems) or Wire Halyard Standard Spindle Threading is 1-1/4″ NPT. Recommended Halyard Diameter – 5/16″.

Internal Revolving

What common sizes are available?

  • 2″
  • 2 3/8″
  • 3″
  • 4″