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American Flag for sale: 3 Best Quality Choices

American Flag for Sale: 3 Best Quality Choices

There are many options when choosing a quality American Flag for Sale for your flagpole. With so many choices where to do start and what do you look for? Together we will break down the three best choices to focus on when shopping for a quality flag.

What is the best American Flag for Sale?

#1 . Nylon American Flag

Fast drying 200-denier nylon is the most popular choice of flag. This lightweight weather resistant flag allows water to bead off and flies in the slightest breeze. Nylon flags are best for low wind and residential applications.

#2. 2 ply Polyester American flag

Made of a extremely durable tear-resistant premium polyester fabric. An open weave construction which reduces wind resistance. This flag is extremely heavy and is best for high wind areas and commercial applications.

#3. Printed American Flag

A lightweight polycotton blend material dyed vivid colors. These flags are best for drier climates and indoor use.

What is the difference between a Nylon and Polyester flag?

Both beautifully constructed with embroidered stars sewn stripes and reinforced fly ends.

Each flag made with a heavy-duty header on the hoist end.

Smaller flag sizes equipped with heavy duty brass grommets.

Large flags constructed with plated steel rope thimbles.

Nylon flags are lightweight yet durable. They have a lustrous appearance and will fly in the slightest of breezes.

Better suited for wet situations as water beads off them.

Home connected poles use nylon due to the weight.

Anything heavier may result in bracket being ripped from the wall or post it is attached to.

Polyester flags are a heavier dense material.

Manufactured to have increase durability in strong wind conditions.

This material is best in high wind situations as they are heavier and take more wind to lift.

What is the standard size for an outdoor American flag?

The most used size for an outdoor American flag is a 3′ x 5′.

Flag used for most flagpoles attached to homes with brackets.

3′ x 5′ flag size recommended for flagpoles 20 foot and under.

How much does a US flag cost?

The cost of a US flag varies by size and material used.

Where can I buy a high quality American Flag online? provides only American flags made in the U.S.A.

Manufactured with the current industry guidelines to ensure a beautiful quality lasting product.

Rain, sunshine and wind should be considered when choosing the best flag for your situation.