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What is the best type of rope to use for a flagpole?

What is Flagpole Halyard?

Flagpole halyard is the rope that allows the flag to be raised and lowered on a flagpole.

What is the best type of rope to use for a flagpole?

Solid braid nylon is the rope we recommend for most flagpoles. The tight braiding helps to prevent wear and tear. The polymers used to make the nylon repel rot and mildew. These factors help in allowing the rope to last longer.

What are my halyard choices?

Nylon halyard comes in three basic sizes, ¼” (#8), 5/16” (#10) and 3/8” (#12). The most commonly used color is white however there are color choices such as black, bronze and silver. Halyard can be purchased in regular or wire core. Wire core halyard is used in areas with extreme wind and contains aircraft cable in the middle of the braided rope. Flagpole halyard can be purchased by the foot or in spools of 500 to 1000 feet.

How do I choose the right size halyard for my flagpole?

The length of halyard recommended is double the exposed height of your pole. Remember, more is always better than less. Smaller truck pulley assemblies such as those used on 10-15-foot poles use ¼”. Mid-Sized truck pulleys such as those used in 20-40-foot poles typically use 5/16”. Poles larger than 40 feet are usually equipped for 3/8”.

In conclusion it is always a good habit to check your rope regularly for wear and tear.

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